Thursday, October 28, 2010

It’s a Trap!

Well it’s safe to say that The 2011 Boston Celtics are still a work in progress. After an excellent showing at home against Miami, Boston walked into an ambush in Cleveland. The Cavaliers, lead by 21-year-old forward J.J. Hickson, looked anything but intimidated against Boston.

After going blow for blow through the first quarter, Boston seemed to be taking control halfway through the second. But Cleveland continued to make the hustle plays, grab the tough rebounds, and convert the second chance baskets. It’s clear that these guys were done crying about the loss of their former King.

Now let’s get to Boston. It seemed as if The Celtics were almost always out of position. The O’Neal Twins were consistently late on rotations, everyone outside of KG seemed uninspired when boxing out, and the second quarter was the place to be for scorers missing bunnies.

All that being said, the game was tied with three minutes remaining. The Boston Three Party were held to just 2 points in the 4th quarter after pitching in 16 just one-night prior. This game came down to which team could make the big play in the end. Hindsight suggests that Anthony Parker’s quick 3-pointer was just that type of play. Give Cleveland credit, they earned this one.

(Despite the loss, there were a couple bright spots as far as Boston is concerned.)

1. Glen Davis appears to be the real deal. Glen is scoring efficiently from all over, and then continuing to make shots even in crunch time. Davis has also gained a reputation for being on of the best at drawing charges. If he keeps it up Davis might be able to find himself in 6th Man of The Year discussions.

2. Kevin Garnett grabbed 15 rebounds. This is the most he’s grabbed since January of 2009. Only one of them was on the offensive glass but it’s still a sight for sore eyes. Once his offense gets back into the flow The Big Ticket will be in full effect.

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