Monday, November 22, 2010

Belichick’s Chameleon Style Of Football Shines Yet Again.

Bill Belichick has shown over the years that his team can morph into whatever type of style it takes to defeat the opponent. From week to week you see completely different offensive strategies in order to combat what Bill views as the opponents fatal flaw. It has worked over the past decade, but you can see evidence in just the past two games alone.

In Pittsburg, The Patriots threw all over the Steelers and as a result it opened up the running lanes. Then at home versus The Colts, Tom Brady handed it off to Green-Ellis. Once the Law Firm proved that he could effectively run all over Dwight Freeney and that undersized front, Tom Brady used play action to nullified their All-Pro Pass Rush. And with that pass rush out of the picture (for the most part) Tommy Terrific threw quite effectively against the Colts’ secondary. He was a Julien Edelman drop away from having 3 TD’s.

Let’s see what Bill has up his sleeve for his Thanksgiving match against the lowly Lions.

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