Monday, November 22, 2010

Celtics’ Afternoon Cruise Turns Into A High Speed Chase.

Boston once again under estimates it’s opponent despite having to play without their All-Star point guard. Nate Robinson would provide plenty of scoring, but the team as a whole appeared to make no effort in the “hustle play” department. All the numbers show a fairly balanced game in every category but Boston was destroyed on the glass, Bargnani scored at will, and Toronto was twice as aggressive attacking the rim. Boston started off with a lead, turned it into a deficit, and then had to battle just to make it close. Another winnable game that was thrown away due to sleepwalking and missed opportunity.

Hopefully some looking in the mirror will help this team out, because turning that defensive switch on when you need it sometimes doesn’t work. The power has been out for the past to games, and if they perform lackadaisical against the Hawks tomorrow it could end up in a blowout.

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