Friday, December 10, 2010

Emloyee Number 8 Returning To Form

Antoine is starting to show flashes of what made him so exciting all those years ago. Sure he’s a little overweight, sure he’s playing against kids, but he’s starting to get his game back. ‘Toine blocked a shot from about 8 feet out, gathered the loose ball, and began dribbling down the court, he passed to his teammate but the youngster mishandled the pass. With 2 seconds left on the shot clock the ball found it’s way to Antoine for a buzzer-beating three… by the way it was about a 30 foot shot. At the end of the third quarter with the clock winding down, Walker could have jacked up another four pointer, but instead he threaded the needle to get a teammate an easy lay up. And for his last trick he gathered a defensive rebound, turned, fired a three quarter court pass with some nice backspin, his wide open teammate finished with an easy lay in. He might not have been dominant but throughout the game he reminded the fans of what he was, and teased us with the possibility of maybe what he is.

The former Celtic captain finished with a decent statline:

Min: 23
Pts: 13
Reb: 5
Ast: 5
PF: 5
TO: 5
Blk: 1

FG: 5-11
3PT: 1-2
FT: 2-2


Idaho: 119 Utah: 94

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