Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marquis Can Do It All

When The Boston Celtics signed Marquis Daniels two years ago he was billed as a guy who could affect the game in basically every way, and after an injury infested 2009, we were starting to wonder how they came to that conclusion. But this season Marquis is injury free and showing us the goods. The 8th year undrafted guard/forward can run the point, score in the paint, pass out of the post, guard every perimeter position, hit his free throws, and every once in a while he'll show off his athleticism around the rim.

With Rondo out and Nate Robinson's Point-Guard ability questionable at best, Marquis has been asked to play some crucial minutes. Take tonights game for instance, against The Indiana Pacers, his former team, Marquis put out an all around effort, and his presence in the second half turned a double digit deficit into a double digit victory. Here's his statline:

Your not getting too much better than that, and if Marquis can bring this same effort night in and night out he'll be a serious game changer off the bench. Once Rondo comes back Marquis won't be playing as much time at the point, but hopefully The Celtics will still be able to find him touches because he's proven to be a weapon.

Daniels' thoughts on tonights game:

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