Monday, January 17, 2011

Bruins Looking To Acquire Matt Moulson From Islanders?

Matt Moulson is a 27 year old Left Winger who scored 30 goals last season. The reason you didn't know that? Because it was for the lowly New York Islanders. The Bruins are reportedly looking to acquire Moulson. The rumored deal is Moulson to the Bruins in return for a package of prospects and picks. While no names have been mentioned this trade will likely recquire moving an active roster player as well, this is due to the fact that Boston is currently right up against the salary cap, and Moulson is currently making 2.2 Million.

Why would The Islanders trade a 27 year old, 30 goal scorer you ask? I'd imagine it's because he's about to become an unrestricted free agent and they don't want to pay him.

Moulson's 2010/2011 Stats:

14 Goals, 12 Assists, 19 Minutes Per Game, -10 Rating.

Now while his plus minus may seem alarming, just be aware that The Islanders are 14-22-7. Their best player is a +1. Boston's best is Zdeno Chara who is a +20.

When asked if he's happy with the performance of his forwards, Cam Neely responded:

"...(pause)...Well it's one of those things where the consistency of the group is an area where you'd like to see more from the guys you count on to produce offensively. We've had stretches where they've played really well, and then stretches where they haven't played as well... you go over the course of an 82 game schedule, and our biggest thing is improving from last year to this year, where we don't have that big dropoff that we did last year. If we fall into a funk it's not going to be the big stretch like last year... We all want to see these guys produce... "

If you analyze the comments it really seems like he's beating around the bush, I'd assume that he's not totally happy with his forwards production.

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