Sunday, January 23, 2011

How Good Is Lucic?

With 33 games left in the season, Milan Lucic has already netted a career-high 19 goals. With Looch on pace to score over 30, it begs the question... did anyone think he was going to be this good?

After Milan's explosion on the scene in '07, people were all on board with what he brought to table. The 19 year old winger was tagged as a guy who could intimidate the opposition, protect his teammates, and maybe give to 20+ goals a year. But everything changes if he continues to put up numbers like this.

Not only is Lucic scoring in larger bunches, but he's showing that he may possess even greater potential. After nagging injuries forced him to have a throwaway year in '09, Milan as come back a much better puck handler, and a much improved skater. He's no longer the lugging brute who crashed the net to get garbage goals. He's now carrying the puck into the offensive zone, making moves, and getting off good shots. The Bruins may finally have their consistent goal scorer.

That only leaves one more question about Lucic in 2011... is he an All-Star?

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