Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ocho Cinco To The Patriots?

Last season The Patriots lost to The New York Jets because their receivers couldn't get open before the pass rush reached Tom Brady. Branch and Welker are excellent receivers and excellent route runners, but they could be even more effective if they were playing along side another great receiver. Enter: Chad Ocho Cinco.

Chad is a guy who is capable of running any route in the book, he can go deep, work the slot, and can get behind the screens. While Randy Moss would command double teams because of his ability to "take the top off the defense", Ocho is a guy who's command attention because of his quick feet, simply put Ocho breaks defenders ankles. In my opinion Chad could come over to the Patriots and succeed in the same system that allowed New England to score an NFL best, 32 Points Per Game.

Before the lockout Ocho fed into the idea in order to create a buzz around his possible movement VIA Twitter (obviously).

Ocho Cinco:
"PePe and Bill #EPIC"

Then there was this:

With the football operations looking to start up again, news of Ocho's trade requests, Cincinnati's refusal, and other teams interest in the superstar will start to heat up.

A couple months ago Chad was completely left off of the NFL's Top 100 Players, If New England could get #85 they could be getting a man with something to prove... and those are the type of players who thrive in this environment.

This could get really interesting...


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