Friday, January 21, 2011

Return Of The Beast

In case you haven't heard, Kendrick Perkins is 2-3 weeks away from playing. Perk was upgraded to full participation for last Sunday's practice. Following his first full contact basketball since Game 6 of The NBA Finals, Perkins was visibly happy.

"It did feel good to be out there again. I thought we did some good things together, just having the whole team back out there... I was a little tired but it's cool."

During the practice Perk caught teammate Marquis Daniels with one of his "beastly" screens.

"I did hit him on the flat screen today, i told him my bad but he said it was clean... it was good to be out there and play again"

On when to expect his return...

"I'm trying to come back on the Dallas game, February 3rd. That's the target date."

Perkins has been getting extra conditioning to keep his weight down. Says that he's trimmed body fat and turned some to muscle.

"I probably weighed about 280 and now i'm down to like 272, it's not that much, but i feel better."

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