Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tom Brady To Lead Patriots Workout.

Starting today Tom Brady will be leading some of his teammates in off-season workouts. It's rumored that many players including rookies Nate Solder and Ryan Mallett will be in attendance. Some players like Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Tate have been in NE for some time, while other players like Julien Edelman will be flying accross the US to get some reps with his teammates during the lockout. All in all there were 40+ Patriot players in attendance.

In recent years Tom Brady's offseason has changed quite a bit. He's gone from the young player who's always at the practice facility, he's always the first man in last man out, but since he's grown up and gotten himself a family Tom has been in New England less and less. It seems the NFL Lockout has forced Tom to be the player he once was, the leader who will work tirelessly to improve himself and those around him. Maybe this is the same Tom we all remember, different hair and clothes... but the same TB12 nonetheless.

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