Monday, July 25, 2011

Dustin Pedroia: The Streak Continues

Dustin Pedroia has now hit in the past 21 games. Over the streak he's hitting .384 with 10 walks, 16 RBI's and 7 HR's. After struggling earlier in the year, The Laser Show has now reached his stride and appears to once again be an MVP Candidate... along with his First Baseman and Center Fielder.

If you compare Dustin's statistics right now to his '08 stats up to the same point, there are some numbers that compare quite well. Pedroia's .321 AVG in '08 is easily better than his .301 this season. He has 50 RBI's right now compared to his 47 back in his MVP season. Pedroia has twice as many steals so far with 20. Then, despite the .020 drop in average, The Laser Show is actually slugging .009 points higher at .470.

It would seem that come the end of the season Pedroia should defenitely be involved in MVP talks once again, especially since the only major drop has been in average... which, by the way, is .317 since May 1st. Just .009 points lower than The Year Of MV-Pedroia. Obviously the game is about wins and losses, but there is no sport like Baseball when it comes to individual statistics' effect on team wins. With Boston's 1, 2, and 3 hitters in serious contention for that big individual trophy, how could the team not be in serious contention for the big team one?

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