Friday, July 29, 2011

Sox Going Hard After Ubaldo.

Reports are coming in that The Red Sox are in the running as finalists to acquire Ubaldo Jiminez, The 27 year old Dominican right hander won 19 Games last year on a 2.88 ERA. This season has been a step back for Jiminez but he's still been a quality pitcher. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reported that according to get him Boston would have to give up Kyle Weiland and Scott Middlebrooks, a Double A 1B with power potential.

At first I was weary of giving up any top prospects at this year's deadline. But with the injury to Clay Buccholtz starting to look more and more serious, i've adjusted my feelings. With Weiland's MLB ERA at over 8 in two career starts, this is a kid that has yet to show what he has to offer. Middlebrooks on the other hand is a promising prospect, but with Adrian Gonzalez locked up long term at First Base I'd say he too is expendable.

In order to keep this unbelievable season from ending up a huge waste of time, Boston GM Theo Epstein has to acquire more starting pitching to keep Lackey from being a top 3 starter. Other reports say that Seattle's Erik Bedard, but with his reputation as a guy who just doesn't seem to rise to the occasion... I'd rather the young flamethrower who was at one point the best pitcher in baseball.


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