Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where Does Papi Rank In Red Sox History?

The Boston Red Sox have had their fair share of sluggers over their long history. They've had Foxx, Yaz, Rice, Manny, Mo, and of course the kid who would come to be the Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived. But where in those ranking is David Ortiz? How does he stack up?

If you were to compare trophy collections you'd find that Ortiz get's pushed aside a bit. Vaughn, Rice, Foxx, and Yaz all won an MVP. Ted Williams won 2 of them and should have won 3. Ted and Carl both won the triple crown. Then Manny Ramirez won the '07 World Series MVP. The only real award David Ortiz has, outside of his rings, is his 2004 ALCS MVP Award and I doubt Ortiz would trade it for anything.

Now if your going to look at raw numbers, David Ortiz' name comes after very few. In the All-Time Red Sox ranks, David Ortiz is ranked 4th in Slugging Percentage and On Base Plus Slugging, both lists read: Williams, Foxx, Ramirez, Ortiz. Three of those guys are considered the greatest hitters of their generations, then the 4th is David.

It's safe to say that the top 4 Sluggers in Red Sox History are ranked with Williams at the top, followed by Jim Foxx, then either Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz. Williams and Foxx of course never won in Boston, Ortiz and Ramirez both won twice... together.

What is more in deciding that 3rd position? Is it Ramirez's gaudy totals, or is it Ortiz's unforgettable heroics? If this were the Yankees and all these players had a shameful amount of Championships I'd have to put Manny Ramirez, who is undoubtedly one of the best right handed hitters to ever play the game. But the only problem is that this is the Boston Red Sox, the team that went 86 years in between World Series Titles, and because of that the nod must go to David Ortiz. Of course Manny played a huge part in those two Championships, but the curse was broken in the series against The Bronx Bombers and in 2004 David Ortiz was a powerhouse.

With David Ortiz's place in Red Sox History cemented he'll continue to rake his way up the Red Sox leader boards. Papi is 71 Homers behind Dwight Evans and it took him 5,000 PA's less to get there. He's 42 Doubles behind Jim Rice and he did it in
over 3,000 less PA's. Oh and Ortiz is 2 Championships behind Harry Hooper's 4 with Boston currently atop the American League East.


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