Wednesday, August 31, 2011

David Ortiz Needs A Contract. Now.

Yesterday on NESN's Jimmy Fund Telethon, Ortiz and Adrian were asked about the importance each of them have to the other. After complimenting each other back and forth the conversation turned to Papi's contract.
David Ortiz
All i can control is what i do on the field and off the field. People already know what my feelings are so i don't have to explain anymore.
Adrian Gonzalez
i can tell you that i tried DH'ing in Texas. They tried making me the DH. It's not easy, you can't just put anybody in there. What he does for this team is incredible, I'd like to have him around for a while.

It's clear that the arrival of Gonzalez has reinvigorated David Ortiz. They've talked about hitting approaches, they've talked about how to use the ball park, and they've clearly helped each other.

Ortiz on Adrian's effect on his approach:
"I've been getting 200% better results than i used to. It's because he always looks for the place where a pitcher likes to go. As a hitter you always want to analyze the place where YOU can hit the ball. He analyzes where the PITCHER likes to go, and if you ready for that you're going to get what you're looking for."

Red Sox fans should be screaming from the rooftops to keeps Ortiz here and hitting in the 5 hole until he can no longer do it. At season's end Adrian and Ortiz will have combined for over 60 HR's and 220 RBI's. They are hitting .341 and .313 respectably. And marketing wise they are two of the biggest names in Baseball. It's a no brainer.

I'm having a hard time understanding what the problem is. Every season the Red Sox are either overpaying someone to sit on the bench, or even paying someone to play for another team. So what if you get caught paying for Ortiz when he's past his prime? He's given the team essentially 8 seasons of 35 HR 110 RBI baseball from the DH spot, a spot which on other teams is filled by over the hill position players who can no longer field. Ortiz is one of the best in the game at what he does, and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Despite having slow starts last season and the year before, David has still averaged just below 30/100, and that's including an incomplete 2011 campaign where he got right off to a quick start.

David Ortiz is one of those guys who's number will be hung up above right field. Those are the guys that you overpay to keep in town, if they can waste money on JD Drew and Julio Lugo, they can give Ortiz a 2 Year deal instead insulting him with another 1 year offer.

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