Saturday, August 6, 2011

For Ochocinco, It's Time To Rebuild The Legacy.

Ochocinco walks into Patriot Place with 751 Receptions (28th All-Time), 66 Touchdowns (40th All-Time), and 10,783 Receiving Yards (27th All-Time). But Chad also walks into Foxborough without a single Playoff Victory. #85 has the numbers to go down as one of the greatest Wide Receivers in the history of the game, but without any team success he's destined to be forgotten.

There are different types of Hall Of Fame Careers. Theres guys who were dominant for a certain period, guys who were consistently great for long careers, then there's guys with seemingly pedestrian statistics who just won. The funny thing about it is that sometimes your gaudy individual stats usually fall short if they never contributed to wins... such is the case with Chad Ochocinco.

There's no doubt that Chad loves football and is a hard working player. Some may say that he cares too much about his own brand, that he can't put the team above himself. But that's just hate. Chad has had seasons where he was 2nd on the team in receptions to some nice payers, first TJ Houshmandzadeh, then he reached out to Terrell Owens when he thought it could help Cincinnati win.

Ochocinco will of course be joining All-Pro Receiver Wes Welker, reigning MVP Tom Brady, and former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch. A trio that has combined to win about every accolade imaginable. Can Chad learn to be a part of an offense that isn't built around him? Can he buckle down and be a more precise route runner? Only time will tell.

For Chad's legacy is all hangs on what the 33 year old receiver does in next few years with Tom Brady. I'd bet on big numbers from #85 here on out, because if anybody knows about legacy... it's him.

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