Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moss Retires After 1 Year Offer From Pats.

With Randy Moss announcing his retirement yesterday, i thought it would be a good time to not only reflect on the Patriots career of randy moss, but also hypothesize on the future.

Apparently The Patriots had reached out at some point to extend Moss a 1 Year Contract offer. Randy's pride took over when he asked for a multiyear deal. But what if Tom Brady's All-Time Receiver really took a 2nd look at that offer. Now obviously the acquiring of All-Pro WR Chad Ochocinco may have pushed away Randy's interest a bit, but the one thing Randy Moss' resume lacks is a Super Bowl ring.

The current Patriots roster enters this season as one of the NFL's top contenders. But what if the offense could contain 3 All-Pro Receivers and a Super Bowl MVP at the WR spot? What if Randy could tighten down on the attitude. What if he could deal with being part of an offense based on whoever is the most open, as opposed to who is the #1 threat. That's something that could be great.

Tom Brady's TD Leaders:
1. Randy Moss- 40
2. Deion Branch- 22
3. Wes Welker-21
4. Ben Watson- 20
5. Daniel Graham- 19


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