Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preseason Game 2: Watching The Defense.

Here's a down by down recap of the Patriot's first 5 defensive possessions. The main personel is as follows:

DT- Vince Wilfork, Gerard Warren.
DE- Andre Carter, Eric Moore
LB- Jerod Mayo, Gary Guyton, Rob Ninkovich
CB- Devin McCourty, Leigh Bodden
S- Brandon Meriweather, Patrick Chung.
1st Possession.

1st Down- 4-3 look with Fletcher as the Mike, Ninkovich as an OLB, Eric Moore with his hand in the dirt, and Mayo standing on the line of scrimmage. Mayo comes free and nearly gets the sack.

2nd Down- Another 4-3 look with 3 linebackers dropping in coverage. Bucks run and gets disrupted. by Vilfork, then tackled by Fletcher

3rd Down- Nickle package with Arrington as the 3rd CB, then a Mayo/Guyton LB combo. Pass broken up by Mayo.

2nd Possession.

1st Down- 4-3 look with Mayo/Guyton dropped back and Ninkovich being the 5th rusher. Bucks run. Gerard Warren and Myron Pryon get in the backfield for 4 yard loss.

2nd Down- 4-3 Look with Ninkovich once again up at the line, he drops into coverage. Andre Carter nearly gets sack, QB steps up, secondary pressure come from Moore, who forces a bad throw. Incomplete.

3rd Down- Nickle package with Arrington as the 3rd CB and Mayo showing blitz. False start Tampa Bay.

3rd Down- Nickle package with Arrington as the 3rd CB. Mayo and Guyton up close to the line aggressively. Ball snaps. Guyton and Mayo drop into coverage. Tampa Bay throws screen to the left, tackled from behind by Jerod Mayo and Mark Anderson.

3rd Possession

1st Down- 4-3 look with Ninkovich as the Sam, Guyon as Mike, Mayo as Will. Mayo shows blitz then backs off. Guyton shows blitz. Ball snaps. Guyton blitzes, Ninkovich drops into coverage. Tampa Bay handles the rush, pass complete to TE. Tackle by Arrington.

1st Down- 4-3 look. Bucs run left. Tackled from behind by Eric Moore. (HOLDING)

1st Down (1st & 20)- 4-3 with Ninko at the line. Mayo blitzes around the weak side, comes free. Sack.

2nd Down- False start Tampa Bay.

2nd Down (2nd & 31)- Nickle with Arrington, McCourty, and Bodden up tight. Guyton and Mayo both blitz. Dropped pass, covered by Arrington.

3rd Down- Nickle package. Pats rush 4, Anre Carter gets pressure. Complete underneath. Tackled from behind by Mark Anderson. 4th Down.

4th Possession

1st Down- 4-3 Look. McCourty blitzes. Pass to the right, incomplete, broken up by Jerod Mayo.

2nd Down- 4-3 Look. Mayo shows blitz. Run up the middle. Tackle by Guyton.

3rd Down- Nickle package. All out blitz. Anderson, Ninkovich, and Mayo all get to the QB at the same time. Sack.

5th Possession

1st Down- 4-3. Mayo steps up to the line. Mayo blitzes. Pass complete for 2 yards, tackled by Butler.

2nd Down- 4-3 with Ninko at the line. TB runs left, cuts right. Tackle by Ninkovich and Meriweather.

3rd Down- False start Tampa Bay.

3rd Down- Nickle package. Short pass complete, tackle by Devin McCourty.

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