Friday, August 5, 2011

Tom Brady's Early Thoughts On #85.

Tom Brady was asked this afternoon about how things have gone so far with Chad Ochocinco. Here's the highlights from his response:

On first impressions:
It's been fun, he's very competative and he wants to do the right thing. [Chad's] been in one offense for a long time, so to come to a new offense and learn all the formations, motions, and details of our route reads... it's challenging for everybody, to do it in such short notice is another thing. We're working hard to be on the same page. We're making improvements, but theres still a way to go.

On dropped balls:
I think that's just part of training camp. You have good days you have bad days. The first game isn't in a couple days, there's time to build before then. No one wants to drop passes, miss blocks, throw interceptions, but it happens. You can learn from that and have less of those in the next day. The Consistency is what your looking for, everyone can come out and make a nice play but then if you make a bad play after that. That's not how you score points in the NFL. You have to string together play after play after play.That takes a lot of consistent play by the entire unit. If I make a bad read that could be the end of a drive. And then you're not scoring points... that's what we're trying to do out here.


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