Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Back Gerard Warren.

The Patriots have resigned veteran Defensive Lineman Gerard Warren. Gerard filled in nicely last year for Ty Warren for all 16 games last season. Overall he delivered some decent pass rush despite only landing 3 Sacks. Belichick clearly feels that Gerard performed well in his role and with an older group of veteran, but also high quality, D-Lineman.

Some of the players being acquired may be getting up there in age, but were all considered elite players in their prime. Check the credentials:

Shaun Ellis: Drafted 12th Overall in 2000
Gerard Warren: Drafted 3rd Overall in 2001
Andre Carter: Drafted 7th Overall in 2001
Albert Haynesworth: Drafted 15th Overall in 2002
Vince Wilfork: Drafted 21st Overall in 2004

Now you can say that they're missing a Defensive Lineman from the '03 Draft, they already had one... Ty Warren. He of course has been cut.

No word yet on how many of these guys can actually be carried on the roster, but once again, this Patriot D-Line is going to be a headache for opposing offenses.


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