Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chung's Absence On Defense Is Pats' Fatal Flaw.

Last year when Meriweather struggled it was Chung who picked up the extra snaps. It's Chung who finished 2nd on the team in tackles, passes deflected, and interceptions. Patrick Chung may only be in his 3rd year, but he is the one who covers up the mistakes in this Patriots defense, and there are a lot. Going into this season New England showed that they would be more aggressive out of their new 4-3 look, more blitzing linebackers, more blitzing safeties. This is supposed to be #25's breakout year.

Chung had surgery on his hand to have a screw place inside it. This surgery happened before last weeks Buffalo game. Despite missing the game, Pat practiced almost immediately after the surgery in a hard cast. Chung is once again questionable this weekend in Oakland.

With their "veteran" safety absent in Buffalo, The Patriots struggled. They struggled against the pass. They struggled against the run. No one is saying that they were lock down the 2 weeks previous, but The Pat's Defense seemed hopeless against Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson. Sergio Brown was side stepped and steamrolled continuously, linebackers failed to cover anyone, and overall the defensive backs looked lost and confused.

If The Patriots are going to grow into a halfway decent defense by the Playoffs they'll need Patrick Chung to be a major part of it. Mayo is the All-Pro, tackle machine. Vince is the giant hole stuffer. Then, Chung is the guy that knocks balls loose across the middle, he crashes the line of scrimmage to help on the run, and he's the only safety on the squad who isn't a career special teams player.

If Chung isn't back on Sunday The Raiders will run all over New England.

Milan Lucic: Man on a Mission

The Big Bad Bruins Are Back

With The Red Sox eliminated it's time to turn attention toward the Boston Bruins, and for the first time in too long... they're the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Take it in Boston.

Video from "Dafoomie"

Boston Red Sox: Back To The Drawing Board.

There is a long list of players on this Red Sox team who won't be back. Some won't be back because their contract are up, some will be gone because they just don't belong here. Tim Wakefield's career is over. John Lackey is horrible. Josh Beckett is an out of shape diva. JD Drew is done, but has had a better Red Sox career than people want to give credit. Erik Bedard never should have came here in the first place.

On the other hand there are some players who were looked over, but in the end they were the only ones there. Marco Scutaro was originally a player signed to bridge the gap to Jose Iglesias, he has now become a grinder, I want him back. Afredo Aceves deserves to be back in Boston, and most likely should take over Wakefield's role.

One guy that definitely has to come back though, is David Ortiz. Big Papi, along with Jacoby Ellsbury, was one of the only guys to play consistently all year. He was there by himself if May, then he was still fighting in September. Ortiz' protection to Adrian Gonzalez is partially responsible for A-Gon's great statistical season, and Ortiz's presence could help Carl Crawford comeback from his lackluster freshman year in Boston.

Ladies and gentlemen... your parents Boston Red Sox are back. "The Curse" didn't let the ball go between his legs, Buckner did. But even after that Buckner didn't blow that series... The Red Sox made it an excuse after the entire team blew it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Sox Looking At Bruce Chen For One Game Playoff.

The Red Sox are reportedly looking for a potential starter in case they cannot secure a Playoff birth tonight. If The Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays both win or lose tonight they will meet tomorrow in Tampa for a 1 Game Playoff. Bruce Chen could be the starter for that game.

Chen, who has pitched with the Royals this season, has actually had a decent season. He's gone 12-8 with a 3.98 ERA but has not faced The Tampa Bay Rays. This could go two ways, he can pitch well against hitters who haven't seen him his season, or he can get rocked because he hasn't seen them either.

If The Red Sox season comes down to Bruce Chen... the "Fen-Way Too Faithful" might even take a step toward the edge.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What Could Have Saved The Patriots In Buffalo?

Obviously New England would have won if not for Tom Brady's four interceptions. But teams all QB's will have games like that once in a while. A Super Bowl TEAM should be able to win even if their best player is off.

The absence of Patrick Chung severely hurt the Patriots secondary. Chung is one of the best safeties in the league when it comes to crashing down to prevent big plays in the rushing game, there were multiple times where Sergio Brown was either steamrolled, or just completely avoided by Fred Jackson. Don't even get me started on the pass interference.

Even more than the absence of Chung was the absence of Devin McCourty, who as of now it looking like a one year wonder. "D-Mac" was beat regularly be Buffalo's nameless wide receivers, putting to rest the idea that it was just Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson who could beat the 2nd year corner. Apparently it's everyone.

This secondary was supposed to take that step from inexperienced to reliable. Leigh Bodden was going to take the side opposite McCourty, Kyle Arrington would take the slot receivers, and with New England new 4-3 front they'd finally get the pressure needed to cover up mistakes. As of right now only Arrington is playing good up to his billing.

It's beginning to look like the salary dump of veteran safety James Sanders could be the downfall of this team. In week 3, with an injury to their top guy Patrick Chung, the Patriots would have to roll out Josh Barrett and Sergio Brown, and neither showed that they were worthy of that honor. Both special-teamers were ran over due to poor tackling, in one instance one screwed the other out of an interception, and very well may have screwed the Patriots out of what would have been a easy victory... despite Tom Terrific's INT's.

You tell me, would a win in Buffalo have been worth the 2.8 base salary that James Sanders was set to earn this year? Or are you happy saving the cash with Brown & Barrett in the regular rotation?


Shawn Thornton VS Alex Henry.


Video from "Dafoomie".

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Patriots And Bills: The Keys To Success.


#1. Someone Other Than Jackson- Fred Jackson is no doubt Buffalo's best offensive player. Bill Belichick is known for taking away the opposing team's security blanket. While Fred may still make plays regardless, The Bills have to find another player who can step up his game to counteract that. It doesn't matter if it's David Nelson, Steve Johnson, or Donald Jones... somebody has to step up.

#2. Dareus & Williams- Buffalo's defensive front has grown quickly. Kyle Williams has become their prototypical Nose Tackle. Him, and 3rd Overall pick Marcell Dareus have become their run stuffers as well as their pocket crushers. The Bills will need quite a bit of both against New England. If Tom Brady has all day to throw it'll be a long day for Buffalo's defense, obviously. But an additional problem will be Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Before the Law Firm was a 1,000 Yard Back, he was an undrafted back. There was a time when Benny had only one 100 yard game in 2 seasons, that one game was against Buffalo. 3 out of his 5 top performances have come against The Bills. Dareus and Williams can't let that happen today.

#3. Time Of Possession- If The Bills can sustain long drives that end in TD's, they'll not only post points, but they'll keep Brady and The Patriots offense off the field. It needs to be both though, long field goal drives won't do it. Brady passed for 500+ yards in a game where the other team lead the game in Time Of Possession.


#1. Control Fred Jackson-- Fred Jackson is like the human Swiss Army Knife. He can run between the tackles, catch out of the backfield, lineup as a receiver, and he's incredibly dependable in blitz pickup. Somehow Jackson is one of the most underrated running backs in the game, but this season he's the key to The Bills' early success. Take away Jackson and New England wins big.

#2. Rob Gronkowski- With Aaron Hernandez out, New England looses their two headed machine but they still have Rob Gronkowski. In 2 career games against his "Hometown Team", Rob has 7 Rec for 3 TDs. I wouldn't be surprised if Gronk puts up those numbers today alone. While Brady needs to find Hernandez' temporary replacement for the first 80 yards, once New England gets into the Red Zone they'll lean on Gronk.

#3. Make Fitzpatrick Unfomfortable- With The Pats' secondary hurting, the defensive front will have to pick them up. Shaun Ellis has 8 career sacks against the Bills, him and Andre Carter will have to make Fitzpatrick feel the pressure. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't exactly a deep ball receiver, he throws mostly in's and slant's. If McCourty and Bodden can cover up the quick stuff, and the D-Line can get pressure, Fitzpatrick will make mistakes.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MVP Candidacy: Tracking Brady's Season.

This article will update every week to compare Tom Brady's 2011 statistics to his '07 and '10 MVP seasons.

Through 5 Games.

2007: 117-158, 1,383 yards, 16 TD, 2 INT, 128.7 Rating, 74.1%

2010: 112-166, 1,203 yards, 10 TD, 4 INT, 98.5 Rating, 67.5%

2011: 160-237, 2,163 yards, 16 TD, 8 INT, 104.8 Rating, 67.5%

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Patriots And Chargers: The Keys To Success.


#1. Antonio Gates- If The Chargers's Offense is going to keep up with Tom Brady and his crew, Gates is going to have to have a big game. New England's defense gave up 5 receptions and 82 yards to Miami's Anthony Fasano... who's not exactly Gates. Of course Belichick is well aware of Gates and what he can do, The Hall of Fame tight end with be under the spotlight in Foxboro.

#2. Mike Tolbert- In a career week 1 performance, Tolbert grabbed 9 receptions, rushed for 35 yards, and had 3 Touchdowns. The Patriots had one of the worst third down defenses last season, if Tolbert is continuously moving the chains on third down The Chargers will have success.

#3. Special Teams- San Diego's special teams unit was one of the worst in The NFL last season, this problem has seemingly been fixed by the new kickoff rule. But that doesn't account for punts. Last week New England's Julien Edelman was effective as a punt returner averaging just under 12 yards per return with a long of 17. If The Chargers can tighten up on their kick coverage it'll be a big help. Every extra yard that you can push Brady back is a big help.


#1. Gronkowski & Hernandez- These 2nd year TE's have become the focal point of this high powered offense. Against two smaller safeties like Eric Weddle and Bob Sanders the Gronknandez could have big production. If the duo can be effective as expected The Pats will be in good shape.

#2. Patrick Chung- With James Sanders in Atlanta and Brandon Meriweather in Chicago, Chung now takes over as the veteran safety. Despite only being in his third season he's a consistent force who can come up and make tackles near the line, and is also a big time hitter over the middle (legal hits). Patrick had a big sack last week but against a much better QB in Phillip Rivers they might need to keep him back to protect Sergio Brown and Josh Barrett at the other safety spot. If Chung plays big in the secondary The Patriots will be able to counter Jackson and Floyd.

#3. Albert Haynesworth Big Al was effective in Miami, he had 2 tackles and drew 2 big holding calls against Incognito which ended drives. Haynesworth has recently spoken on how he wishes he came to New England sooner, how he feels the Patriots have saved his career. I expect Haynesworth to come out with a fire inside him. "“I like the place, too. It makes a huge difference when you come in and feel good about coming in the doors." If Haynesworth can build on his week 1 performance and get consistent pressure on Rivers he could be the driving force for the Pats in week 2.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boston Bruins: Let's Talk Lines.

During their Playoff run to the 2011 Stanley Cut The Boston Bruins basically stuck with the same 4 line combinations. Obviously injuries to Bergeron and Horton forced some changes, then there was some changes on the PP, but for the most part Julien stayed consistent with his 4 lines.

Line 1: Lucic / Krejci / Horton

Line 2: Marchand / Bergeron / Recchi

Line 3: Peverley / Kelly / Ryder

Line 4: Thornton/ Campbell / Paille

After Seguin showed his skill in Bergeron's absence he became a permanent fixture in the lineup for the rest of the Playoffs. Up until Horton's injury this meant that Shawn Thornton was a healthy scratch.

Going into this season The Bruins roster has suffered a few losses. Many would agree that the increased minutes of young talent, Tyler Seguin, should easily makeup for the absence of Michael Ryder and Mark Recchi. Where Recchi was esspecially valuable was his Stanley Cup experience and leadership, but now the team has a whole roster of Stanley Cup Champions. Shawn Thornton can now take over as that veteran looking for his 3rd Ring.

Let's take a look at possible new combinations.

Line 1: Lucic / Krejci / Horton

This line will stay intact. The top trio combined for 177 points in 2011.

Line 2: Marchand / Bergeron / Seguin

The 2nd line will have the biggest adjustment going into their Stanley Cup defense. Marchand and Bergeron will go from playing with a 42 year old, slow, but smart winger in Mark Recchi... to playing alongside a 20 year old, speedy, goal scorer with big play ability. Young Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand may struggle in their 2nd years, but who better to pair them with then 26 year old, 7 year veteran, Patrice Bergeron?

Line 3: Peverley / Kelly / Paille

Peverley and Kelly both arrived at the same time last season and seemed to develop a nice feel for each other. Michael Ryder was the third guy for the most part, with him gone I expect Paille to step up a line. Daniel Paille has had a 20 goal season with Buffalo, he has 50 career goals, now in Boston he's shown the ability to play smart defensive hockey. He'll step up and live up to some of the potential he showed with the Sabres.

Line 4: Thornton / Campbell / Pouliot

Boston's 4th line played 11 minutes in the Game 7 victory over Vancouver, Thornton and Campbell will stay put along with new addition Benoit Pouliot. Pouliot was the 4th overall selection back in the 2005 NHL Draft. Boston is hoping that Benoit can live up to potential and maybe find his game with the Bruins, if that happens he could move up, if not he'll make his way as a crusher on the 4th line.

Boston Bruins Lock Up The Nose.

Brad Marchand has been locked up on a 2 year deal worth 5 Million dollars.

Last season Brad Marchand netted 21 goals with 20 assists in the regular season, then finished 2nd on the team in the Playoffs with 11 Goals.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congratulations To Tim Wakefield On His 200th.

Is Tom Brady The G.O.A.T.?

Tom Brady has 2 Super Bowl MVP's, 2 NFL MVP's, the single-season TD record, most pass attempts without an interception, the best winning percentage in the Super Bowl Era, and has won 16+ regular season games in a row... twice.

Very few people believe it now, but at one time Bret Favre was considered one of the Top 5 QB's in NFL history. Let's break down that match up. There's no doubt about Favre's durability, but what does come into question is his decision making. Both Tom and Bret have lead the league in TD's 3 times, the difference is the interceptions. The Mississippi Gunslinger has thrown 20+ interceptions in 6 of his 16 Year career. Tom Brady has never thrown more than 14. Combine all that with Tom Brady's 3 Rings vs Brett's One? Edge to #12.

Up next is the man who has been right there with Brady for his entire career, Peyton Manning. Peyton has the edge in most career numbers mainly due to the fact that he came in the league earlier, Brady didn't start right away, and Brady missed an entire season because of a devastating knee injury. Up next will be individual statistics: Both have lead the NFL in TD's 3 times. Peyton has 4 MVP's compared to Tom's 2, but with Manning's neck injury that gap could very-well close. There's no doubt that The Manning vs. Brady debate is one that will be discussed forever but for me it comes down to the head to head match up.

  • In '03 and '04 Manning won league MVP only to lose in Foxboro, then watch Brady raise the Lombardi Trophy.

  • In '06 Manning lead an amazing comeback against The Patriots and went on to win his first Championship.

  • 2007 was Brady's undefeated season, where he marched all the way to The Super Bowl, only to be defeated by Michael Strahan's inescapable pass rush. Manning's Colt's were knocked out by The San Diego Chargers in the first round.

  • In '09 Brady lost in the first round while Peyton returned to the Super Bowl, Manning would go on to lose again New Orleans and Drew Brees.

  • In 2010 Brady had the first unanimously decided NFL MVP in league history. The Patriots would suffer a nightmare upset at home against the Jets, who had defeated Manning's Colts a week prior.

If your counting that's 2-1 record for Brady in the Postseason VS Manning. In my opinion Tom Brady ultimately outplayed Manning in '03 and '04 by winning the head to head Playoff games, and finishing it with a Super Bowl victory. Both have lost in The Superbowl, but Brady won it three times before losing.

My last comparison is between #12 and his childhood hero Joe Montana. This is the only Great QB who actually has the individual awards and team awards to beat out Tom Brady. Joe won his first Championship at 25, Tom at 24. Montana got his 2nd at 28, Brady got it at 26. Joe's Niners won their third when he was 32. Brady and the Pats win their third while he was only 27. But at 33 Joe Montana played in his 4th Super Bowl and crushed The Broncos 55-10, The 30 year old Tom Brady lead his undefeated Patriots to a 17-14 loss to The Giants. As of right now Joe Montana still holds the title as greatest quarterback of all time, that's because he didn't lose the biggest game of his career.

Brady opened up his 2011 season with a bang, passing for 517 Yards against the Dolphins. He also tied the record for longest TD ever with a 99 Yard seam to Wes Welker. The Patriots are coming into this season with a chip on their shoulder. Brady said he'll never forget last season's loss to The Jets, and he shouldn't. If #12 wants to become THE greatest QB of all time, as opposed to ONE of the greatest QB's, he'll have to get back to The Super Bowl and win it. This season is as good of a time as any. With Peyton Manning's injury keeping him sidelined, Indianapolis sure would be a nice place for Tom to win his 4th. Of course they'll have to win a couple playoff games to get there.

Ty Law On New England's Win In Miami.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Champ Is Here! Bruins Speak.





Patriots And Dolpins: The Keys To Success.


#1. Daniel Thomas- When the Dolphins acquired Reggie Bush in the offseason they planned on having him split carries with their rookie RB. Thomas has great upside and the duo are clearly an upgrade speed-wise over Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown. The only problem is that Thomas already has a hamstring injury, and possibly a case of the Lawrence Maroney (that would be tip toeing in the backfield before ultimately going nowhere). With Bush's injury problems clearly documented, and the Dolphin's 3rd RB being 31 year old Larry Johnson... let's just say the Dolphins need the rookie to bring his A-Game.

#2. Cameron Wake- Last season Wake had 14 Sacks (3rd in NFL). He's the leader of what The Dolphins think is a Top 5 Defense, and he's been doing some talking about "The Golden Boy" Tom Brady. Cameron says the key to beating New England is to make Brady uncomfortable with pressure, and hide the scheme's true intentions as long as possible, then hope he makes a mistake. Obviously that's a bit easier said then done.

#3. Chad Henne- Let's get it straight with Henne, The Dolphins don't need him to be Dan Marino, they just need him to be Chad Pennington with a decent arm. If Miami has a "Top 5 Defense" then all they'll need to do is move the ball without having stupid turnovers. The only Dolphin QB to throw more than 19 INT's is Dan Marino... the only difference is that Dan was throwing 44 and 30 TD's, Chad is only throwing 15. Rumor has it that this new Dolphin squad will be looking to throw the ball, less ground and pound. I'm afraid if that's the case, then Chad Henne has some serious problems.


#1. New England's New Defensive Front- Outside of Jake Long, Miami's O-Lin will be having nightmares with new Pat's additions Shaun Ellis, Andre Carter, and Albert Haynesworth. Miami allowed 38 sacks last season which was right about the league average, but the right side of their line looked awful in the pre-season, especially former Cowboy Tackle Marc Colombo. If The Patriots can get consistent pressure from all 4 of their D-Lineman I'd expect to see some pressure in the backfield, whether it be from them or blitzing linebackers. Chad Henne is no Tom Brady, hell... he's no Mark Sanchez.

#2. Nate Solder- With Sebastian Vollmer out, the rookie tackle could be getting his first NFL Start in his first NFL week. Solder will need to add a few pounds before fulfilling his potential, but New England doesn't need a Pro-Bowler over on the right side, they just need him to get the job done. In the preseason he showed some nice technique, but then again he wasn't facing Miami's tough outside rushers. Veteran guard Brian Waters, if ready, could help out the rookie if he has some trouble. If the trouble is too much they could always throw a tight end over there to help him out.

#3. Jerod Mayo- Jerod Mayo will be turned lose in the Patriot's new 4-3 Defense. As the weak side LB Jerod will make more plays, he'll be more free to roam. In his first 3 seasons Mayo has been a tackle machine, but hasn't exactly loaded up on sacks or interceptions. This week against Miami he could be a huge factor, not only with QB pressure, but also for busting up screens to Reggie Bush. Behind his wall of Defensive Tackles Jerod Mayo will be and All-Pro. Expect the captain to bring his A-Game in Miami.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Haynesworth: "Time To Awaken The Sleeping Giant"

"I think it's time for me, The Sleeping Giant, to awaken. To go back out there on my field and play football again. I read what you guys wrote, nothing personal. But i didn't do much in DC, the scheme didn't fit me. Now I can go out there and play and get back to what i used to do. When i play that's what i want to do, I want to dominate."

Albert Haynesworth spoke yesterday on what it means to be in New England, and more importantly what it means to be out of Washington. Haynesworth then gave a little insight to some things that might have affected him in Washington. When asked to categorized the leadership on this Patriot team, Albert reponded:
"I think it's great but it's not like..., the last few years were a little different, your captains or whatever were almost above the team, here with Mayo and Vince you can go up and talk to those guys. I'm not saying you couldn't do that in DC but here it's really like a family in the locker room. Everybody's there for you no matter what. One guy does something and it doesn't matter, everybody's there for you, and they're not going to pass judgment."

On his excitement about seeing what his defensive unit can do:
"Yea we're excited, so excited that we can't tell anything about it. But we're really excited to go out there and show what we can do as a defense. It's been amazing (playing beside Vince Wilfork, Andre Carter, and Shaun Ellis). I played alongside Andre in Washington for two years, I played with Shaun in college, and i played with Vince in the Pro-Bowl, But i never could have dreamed or imagined that we'd all be on the same team and be out there chasing the quarterback, looking to kill the quarterback."

On how New England's environment fits him better:
"Yea, i like the plays too. It makes it a huge difference when you can come in and feel good about coming through the doors. You're not coming in the doors looking behind your back and all that stuff. It's like any of you (reporters), if you go into work hating your job you won't perform at your best, but if you enjoy coming to work and you enjoy being around the people that you work with then you give it your all.

On Pepper Johnson:
"He's been awesome. Pepper's a great coach. We have a good rapport so far and i think that will continue. He's a former player, he knows a lot, he knows the linebackers, the safeties, he knows what the defensive line supposed to do, so he's instilling the knowledge onto me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Patriots Name Six Captains.

DL Vince Wilfork, LB Jerod Mayo, WR Matt Slater, OL Logan Mankins and CB Devin McCourty.

The Patriots have announced six captains today, two more than last years squad.

Tom Brady (QB)
Vince Wilfork (DL)
Logan Mankins (OL)
Jerod Mayo (LB)
Matthew Slater (WR/ST)
Devin McCourty (CB)

This group of captains is just another step in Bill Belichick's mission to make this team younger. With younger players continuing to replenish the leadership role's that were left open by the great Patriots of the past, this team is finally moving out of it's own shadow.

Brady, Wilfork, and Mankins are all seasoned veterans and were part of the teams previous success. Mayo, McCourty, and Slater are all part of Belichick's past 4 years of drafting, none of them have played in a Super Bowl, none of them have even won a Playoff game.

Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison are gone, so is Randy Moss. With younger players starting to enter their prime, and older players still at the end of it, now is the perfect time to push for another Super Bowl. Just like back in 2001 this team consists of two things, other teams cast offs, and young unproven talent who has only potential. Only this team isn't going to catch anyone off guard.

Videos from @Trags

Gronkowski Mania In Full Effect!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Patriots Release Darius Butler. Sign Dan Gronkowski.

The Patriots have released 3rd year Cornerback Darius Butler. After being selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft Darius never quite developed into the player they thought he would. This cut shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, most believed he would be released last weekend.

New England will use Butler's roster spot to sign Tight End Dan Gronkowski, brother of Rob Gronkowski. Dan was originally drafted by the Lions in 2009, then played 2010 in Denver. The older Gronk has 9 career receptions for 69 yards, and could fill in nicely as the third TE with The Patriots.

In other news, Chris Gronkowski, the fullback Gronk was picked up by Indianapolis.

Here We Go Again.

On WEEI's "Dennis & Callahan Show", Tom Brady was asked about the possibility of Randy Moss coming out of retirement. More specifically if he would be surprised by it.

"You never know in the NFL", said Brady, "I talked to Randy right before training camp started. I love Randy, he's one of the greatest receivers in the history of the game, one of the greatest players i've ever played with, and i love the guy. Unfortunately I don't make personnel decisions. I'd still have all my friends here, Troy would still be here, Deion would have never left, I've seen so many guys move on over the years, and guys come back, who knows?" I can't get into his brain at all. I love the guy. If he ever did have the opportunity to come back I'd welcome him with open arms.

With Chad Ochocinco still apparently struggling, with Deion's mileage getting higher, and with New Englands' lack of that big time "deep threat", Randy could be of use. The problem is whether or not Moss will accept the new role. If You're open you get the ball, if you're not then it get's dumped underneath to whoever is open. Ir Randy could accept that without demanding the ball, or pouting... his return could be a great move.

Mankins, Belichick On Waters Signing.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Patriots Sign Pro-Bowl Guard, Brian Waters.

The Patriots have signed 34 year old, Pro-Bowl, former All-Pro Guard, Brian Waters.

For those who aren't familiar with Waters, here's Takeo Spikes to inform you.

With Logan Mankins and now Brian Waters, New England has gone from having a questionable offensive line to one of the best in the NFL. Waters isn't the player he once was, but with Dante Scarnecchia coaching, and Brian only playing 30-40 snaps per game...

Light, Mankins, Koppen, Waters, Vollmer. The Patriots have to be happy with that.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Brandon Meriweather Cut By Patriots.

Despite being named to two Pro-Bowls, Brandon Meriweather never lived up to the expectations of his 1st Round selections. He was supposed to be the Patriots big play safety, he was supposed to be the next Ed Reed coming out of Miami.

But instead he was too much of a freelancer, caring too much about big hits, and not enough about execution.

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone, the Patriots have been bringing in safeties all camp and most starting safeties don't play in the 2nd half of the 4th Preseason Game.

With James Sanders and Brandon Meriweather gone, that makes Patrick Chung the new veteran of the defense. If no one else is brought in i'd expect Sergio Bown to start alongside the third year Safety.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watching The Pats Defense: Preseason Game 4

Possession 1:
1st Down- 4-3 Look with Ellis, Wilfork, Haynesworth, and Carter as the DT, forced fumble by Ninkovich, recovery by Chung.

Possession 2:
1st Down- 4-3 look. Short run tackle by Wilfork.

2nd Down- 4-3 run to the left tackle by Chung.

3rd Down- Nickle. Delayed toss to the left, tackle by Chung.

1st Down- 4-3 with Chung up with tight coverage on the TE. Short run, tackle by Chung.

2nd Down- 4-3 pass right, interception by Devin McCourty.

Possession 3:

1st Down- 4-3 pass right, incomplete pass broken up by McCourty.

2nd Down- Missed this play because of Keegan Bradley interview.

1st Down- 4-3 Run right, tackle by Chung

2nd Down- 4-3 Short pass right, tackle by McCourty

1st Down- 4-3 Short run middle, tackle by Gerard Warren and Gary Guyton..

2nd Down- 4-3 Run Right, tackle by Albert Haynesworth.

3rd Down- Nickle. Short run, fumble, recovered by Giants.

Possession 4:

1st Down- 4-3 look. Bootleg, pass long. Complete. Tackle by Dowling.

1st Down- 4-3. Blitz by Dowling. Incomplete pass.

2nd Down- 4-3. Run up the middle, tackle by Guyton and Chung.

3rd Down- Nickle. Blitz by Guyton, comes clean. Sack.

Possession 5:

1st Down- 4-3. Run right. Tackled immediately.

2nd Down- 4-3. Run up the middle, tackled by Josh Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Pressure by Mike Wright, QB escapes for a 1st Down.

1st Down- 4-3. Short run, tackle by Kyle Love.

2nd Down- 4-3. Play action, complete across the middle. Tackle by Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Run to the right, tackle by Dowling.

1st Down- 4-3. Run outside to the left, HOLDING

1st Down- 4-3. Pressure by Shaun Ellis, QB throws it away.

2nd Down- 4-3. Delayed handoff, tackle by Butler and Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Short Run, Tackle by Haynesworth.

2nd Down- 4-3. Short Run, tackle by Barrett.

3rd Down- 4-3. Short run, tackle by Brown.

1st Down- Goal Line. QB escapes right, tackle by Mike Wright.

1st Down- Goal Line. Fumbled Snap, ball recovered by Andre Carter.