Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chung's Absence On Defense Is Pats' Fatal Flaw.

Last year when Meriweather struggled it was Chung who picked up the extra snaps. It's Chung who finished 2nd on the team in tackles, passes deflected, and interceptions. Patrick Chung may only be in his 3rd year, but he is the one who covers up the mistakes in this Patriots defense, and there are a lot. Going into this season New England showed that they would be more aggressive out of their new 4-3 look, more blitzing linebackers, more blitzing safeties. This is supposed to be #25's breakout year.

Chung had surgery on his hand to have a screw place inside it. This surgery happened before last weeks Buffalo game. Despite missing the game, Pat practiced almost immediately after the surgery in a hard cast. Chung is once again questionable this weekend in Oakland.

With their "veteran" safety absent in Buffalo, The Patriots struggled. They struggled against the pass. They struggled against the run. No one is saying that they were lock down the 2 weeks previous, but The Pat's Defense seemed hopeless against Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson. Sergio Brown was side stepped and steamrolled continuously, linebackers failed to cover anyone, and overall the defensive backs looked lost and confused.

If The Patriots are going to grow into a halfway decent defense by the Playoffs they'll need Patrick Chung to be a major part of it. Mayo is the All-Pro, tackle machine. Vince is the giant hole stuffer. Then, Chung is the guy that knocks balls loose across the middle, he crashes the line of scrimmage to help on the run, and he's the only safety on the squad who isn't a career special teams player.

If Chung isn't back on Sunday The Raiders will run all over New England.

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