Friday, September 9, 2011

Haynesworth: "Time To Awaken The Sleeping Giant"

"I think it's time for me, The Sleeping Giant, to awaken. To go back out there on my field and play football again. I read what you guys wrote, nothing personal. But i didn't do much in DC, the scheme didn't fit me. Now I can go out there and play and get back to what i used to do. When i play that's what i want to do, I want to dominate."

Albert Haynesworth spoke yesterday on what it means to be in New England, and more importantly what it means to be out of Washington. Haynesworth then gave a little insight to some things that might have affected him in Washington. When asked to categorized the leadership on this Patriot team, Albert reponded:
"I think it's great but it's not like..., the last few years were a little different, your captains or whatever were almost above the team, here with Mayo and Vince you can go up and talk to those guys. I'm not saying you couldn't do that in DC but here it's really like a family in the locker room. Everybody's there for you no matter what. One guy does something and it doesn't matter, everybody's there for you, and they're not going to pass judgment."

On his excitement about seeing what his defensive unit can do:
"Yea we're excited, so excited that we can't tell anything about it. But we're really excited to go out there and show what we can do as a defense. It's been amazing (playing beside Vince Wilfork, Andre Carter, and Shaun Ellis). I played alongside Andre in Washington for two years, I played with Shaun in college, and i played with Vince in the Pro-Bowl, But i never could have dreamed or imagined that we'd all be on the same team and be out there chasing the quarterback, looking to kill the quarterback."

On how New England's environment fits him better:
"Yea, i like the plays too. It makes it a huge difference when you can come in and feel good about coming through the doors. You're not coming in the doors looking behind your back and all that stuff. It's like any of you (reporters), if you go into work hating your job you won't perform at your best, but if you enjoy coming to work and you enjoy being around the people that you work with then you give it your all.

On Pepper Johnson:
"He's been awesome. Pepper's a great coach. We have a good rapport so far and i think that will continue. He's a former player, he knows a lot, he knows the linebackers, the safeties, he knows what the defensive line supposed to do, so he's instilling the knowledge onto me.

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