Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is Tom Brady The G.O.A.T.?

Tom Brady has 2 Super Bowl MVP's, 2 NFL MVP's, the single-season TD record, most pass attempts without an interception, the best winning percentage in the Super Bowl Era, and has won 16+ regular season games in a row... twice.

Very few people believe it now, but at one time Bret Favre was considered one of the Top 5 QB's in NFL history. Let's break down that match up. There's no doubt about Favre's durability, but what does come into question is his decision making. Both Tom and Bret have lead the league in TD's 3 times, the difference is the interceptions. The Mississippi Gunslinger has thrown 20+ interceptions in 6 of his 16 Year career. Tom Brady has never thrown more than 14. Combine all that with Tom Brady's 3 Rings vs Brett's One? Edge to #12.

Up next is the man who has been right there with Brady for his entire career, Peyton Manning. Peyton has the edge in most career numbers mainly due to the fact that he came in the league earlier, Brady didn't start right away, and Brady missed an entire season because of a devastating knee injury. Up next will be individual statistics: Both have lead the NFL in TD's 3 times. Peyton has 4 MVP's compared to Tom's 2, but with Manning's neck injury that gap could very-well close. There's no doubt that The Manning vs. Brady debate is one that will be discussed forever but for me it comes down to the head to head match up.

  • In '03 and '04 Manning won league MVP only to lose in Foxboro, then watch Brady raise the Lombardi Trophy.

  • In '06 Manning lead an amazing comeback against The Patriots and went on to win his first Championship.

  • 2007 was Brady's undefeated season, where he marched all the way to The Super Bowl, only to be defeated by Michael Strahan's inescapable pass rush. Manning's Colt's were knocked out by The San Diego Chargers in the first round.

  • In '09 Brady lost in the first round while Peyton returned to the Super Bowl, Manning would go on to lose again New Orleans and Drew Brees.

  • In 2010 Brady had the first unanimously decided NFL MVP in league history. The Patriots would suffer a nightmare upset at home against the Jets, who had defeated Manning's Colts a week prior.

If your counting that's 2-1 record for Brady in the Postseason VS Manning. In my opinion Tom Brady ultimately outplayed Manning in '03 and '04 by winning the head to head Playoff games, and finishing it with a Super Bowl victory. Both have lost in The Superbowl, but Brady won it three times before losing.

My last comparison is between #12 and his childhood hero Joe Montana. This is the only Great QB who actually has the individual awards and team awards to beat out Tom Brady. Joe won his first Championship at 25, Tom at 24. Montana got his 2nd at 28, Brady got it at 26. Joe's Niners won their third when he was 32. Brady and the Pats win their third while he was only 27. But at 33 Joe Montana played in his 4th Super Bowl and crushed The Broncos 55-10, The 30 year old Tom Brady lead his undefeated Patriots to a 17-14 loss to The Giants. As of right now Joe Montana still holds the title as greatest quarterback of all time, that's because he didn't lose the biggest game of his career.

Brady opened up his 2011 season with a bang, passing for 517 Yards against the Dolphins. He also tied the record for longest TD ever with a 99 Yard seam to Wes Welker. The Patriots are coming into this season with a chip on their shoulder. Brady said he'll never forget last season's loss to The Jets, and he shouldn't. If #12 wants to become THE greatest QB of all time, as opposed to ONE of the greatest QB's, he'll have to get back to The Super Bowl and win it. This season is as good of a time as any. With Peyton Manning's injury keeping him sidelined, Indianapolis sure would be a nice place for Tom to win his 4th. Of course they'll have to win a couple playoff games to get there.

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