Sunday, September 25, 2011

Patriots And Bills: The Keys To Success.


#1. Someone Other Than Jackson- Fred Jackson is no doubt Buffalo's best offensive player. Bill Belichick is known for taking away the opposing team's security blanket. While Fred may still make plays regardless, The Bills have to find another player who can step up his game to counteract that. It doesn't matter if it's David Nelson, Steve Johnson, or Donald Jones... somebody has to step up.

#2. Dareus & Williams- Buffalo's defensive front has grown quickly. Kyle Williams has become their prototypical Nose Tackle. Him, and 3rd Overall pick Marcell Dareus have become their run stuffers as well as their pocket crushers. The Bills will need quite a bit of both against New England. If Tom Brady has all day to throw it'll be a long day for Buffalo's defense, obviously. But an additional problem will be Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Before the Law Firm was a 1,000 Yard Back, he was an undrafted back. There was a time when Benny had only one 100 yard game in 2 seasons, that one game was against Buffalo. 3 out of his 5 top performances have come against The Bills. Dareus and Williams can't let that happen today.

#3. Time Of Possession- If The Bills can sustain long drives that end in TD's, they'll not only post points, but they'll keep Brady and The Patriots offense off the field. It needs to be both though, long field goal drives won't do it. Brady passed for 500+ yards in a game where the other team lead the game in Time Of Possession.


#1. Control Fred Jackson-- Fred Jackson is like the human Swiss Army Knife. He can run between the tackles, catch out of the backfield, lineup as a receiver, and he's incredibly dependable in blitz pickup. Somehow Jackson is one of the most underrated running backs in the game, but this season he's the key to The Bills' early success. Take away Jackson and New England wins big.

#2. Rob Gronkowski- With Aaron Hernandez out, New England looses their two headed machine but they still have Rob Gronkowski. In 2 career games against his "Hometown Team", Rob has 7 Rec for 3 TDs. I wouldn't be surprised if Gronk puts up those numbers today alone. While Brady needs to find Hernandez' temporary replacement for the first 80 yards, once New England gets into the Red Zone they'll lean on Gronk.

#3. Make Fitzpatrick Unfomfortable- With The Pats' secondary hurting, the defensive front will have to pick them up. Shaun Ellis has 8 career sacks against the Bills, him and Andre Carter will have to make Fitzpatrick feel the pressure. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't exactly a deep ball receiver, he throws mostly in's and slant's. If McCourty and Bodden can cover up the quick stuff, and the D-Line can get pressure, Fitzpatrick will make mistakes.

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