Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watching The Pats Defense: Preseason Game 4

Possession 1:
1st Down- 4-3 Look with Ellis, Wilfork, Haynesworth, and Carter as the DT, forced fumble by Ninkovich, recovery by Chung.

Possession 2:
1st Down- 4-3 look. Short run tackle by Wilfork.

2nd Down- 4-3 run to the left tackle by Chung.

3rd Down- Nickle. Delayed toss to the left, tackle by Chung.

1st Down- 4-3 with Chung up with tight coverage on the TE. Short run, tackle by Chung.

2nd Down- 4-3 pass right, interception by Devin McCourty.

Possession 3:

1st Down- 4-3 pass right, incomplete pass broken up by McCourty.

2nd Down- Missed this play because of Keegan Bradley interview.

1st Down- 4-3 Run right, tackle by Chung

2nd Down- 4-3 Short pass right, tackle by McCourty

1st Down- 4-3 Short run middle, tackle by Gerard Warren and Gary Guyton..

2nd Down- 4-3 Run Right, tackle by Albert Haynesworth.

3rd Down- Nickle. Short run, fumble, recovered by Giants.

Possession 4:

1st Down- 4-3 look. Bootleg, pass long. Complete. Tackle by Dowling.

1st Down- 4-3. Blitz by Dowling. Incomplete pass.

2nd Down- 4-3. Run up the middle, tackle by Guyton and Chung.

3rd Down- Nickle. Blitz by Guyton, comes clean. Sack.

Possession 5:

1st Down- 4-3. Run right. Tackled immediately.

2nd Down- 4-3. Run up the middle, tackled by Josh Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Pressure by Mike Wright, QB escapes for a 1st Down.

1st Down- 4-3. Short run, tackle by Kyle Love.

2nd Down- 4-3. Play action, complete across the middle. Tackle by Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Run to the right, tackle by Dowling.

1st Down- 4-3. Run outside to the left, HOLDING

1st Down- 4-3. Pressure by Shaun Ellis, QB throws it away.

2nd Down- 4-3. Delayed handoff, tackle by Butler and Barrett.

1st Down- 4-3. Short Run, Tackle by Haynesworth.

2nd Down- 4-3. Short Run, tackle by Barrett.

3rd Down- 4-3. Short run, tackle by Brown.

1st Down- Goal Line. QB escapes right, tackle by Mike Wright.

1st Down- Goal Line. Fumbled Snap, ball recovered by Andre Carter.

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