Friday, October 7, 2011

Does Bruins Shakey Start Mean No Repeat In Titletown?

Last night The Boston Bruins lost their first game in their quest to retain The Stanley Cup Championship. Nobody is panicking as of now, but should they be? Let's take a look at how many teams have lost Game 1 of their title defense season but still went on to win back to back Cups.

'97 Detroit Red Wings- 3-1 Win on The Road.

'91 Pittsburgh Penguins- 5-4 Win at Home

'87 Edmonton Oilers- 4-1 Loss at Home

'84 Edmonton Oilers- 2-2 Tie on The Road.

'80 New York Islanders- 5-2 Win on The Road.

'68 Montreal Canadiens- 1-1 Tie at Home.

'65 Montreal Canadiens- 8-1 Win at Home.

'62 Toronto Maple Leafs- 3-1 Win At Home.

In the past 50 seasons 8 teams have won back to back Championships, a few have also won more than 2 in a row but that's not part of this discussion. Since 1962 teams that have won a Championship, and would go on to repeat, were 5-1-2 in their opening games of the 2nd season.

Ladies and gentleman, Boston could repeat Champions and no one would be surprised, or they could fall short without being faulted. The result of game 1 is no indication of how successful or unsuccessful a title defense will be.


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