Monday, October 17, 2011

MVP Candidacy: Tracking Welker's Season.

I've said it before, but now i'll make it official. I believe that Wes Welker has a chance to become the first wide receiver to win the NFL AP Most Valuable Player Award. In 1987 Jerry Rice won the Pro Football Writers of America MVP Award, and he's actually the only WR to win the award, but the AP MVP is the award that is most commonly referred to as "THE MVP".

Let's take a look at this. In 1987 Jerry Rice set the record for TD's in a season with 22. Despite dominating the league with TD's, this wasn't actually Jerry Rice's best season. In 1995 Jerry set career highs in receptions and receiving yards with 122 for 1,848 yards. Through 5 games Wes Welker is on pace to shatter both of those marks.

Here are the NFL receiving records, and where Wes Welker stands as of Week 5:

Most Receptions in a season:
Marvin Harrison (2002)- 143
Wes Welker (2009)- 123
Herman Moore (1995)- 123

Wes Welker as of Week 5 (2011)- 51.
(on pace for 163)

Most Yards in a season:
Jerry Rice (1995)- 1,848
Isaac Bruce (1995)- 1,781
Charley Hennigan (1961)- 1,746

Wes Welker as of Week 5 (2011)- 785
(on pace for 2,512)

Most Touchdowns in a season:
Randy Moss (2007)- 25
Jerry Rice (1987)- 24
Mark Clayton (1984)- 18

Wes Welker as of Week 5 (2011)- 6
(on pace for 19)

Wes Welker is on pace to shatter 2 of the 3 most important receiving records. Not to mention that he's on pace to finish 3rd on the single season TD list.

Not bad for a short, undrafted, special teams guy. Huh?

(check back for weekly updates on where Welker stands.)

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