Sunday, October 2, 2011

Patriots And Raiders: The Keys To Success.


#1. Richard Seymour- Seymour is Oakland's defensive leader, not only in the locker room but on the field. Despite what you were told about Richard he's still a dominant force, he will be fired up for this game. In order for Oakland to get to Brady, Richard will have to command double teams and beat single teams. No defense in the NFL can stop The Patriots offense, but to slow it down you need to have an excellent pass rush combined with lock down DBs. If Richard can't be dominant Tom Brady will.

#2. Control Gronkowski- Gronkowski is averaging 5 grabs, for 93 yards per game, with 5 TDs in 3 games. I don't know who's going cover him, but if they can't stop Gronk they aren't winning this game. Buffalo intercepted a would-be Gronk TD in the 4th quarter that WOULD have locked up a New England win. If Oakland let's Gronk dominate them they have no chance.

#3. Denarius Moore- The rookie 5th round Wideout didn't start in Week 1. In the 2 weeks since he has 9 receptions for 180 yards. The Raiders can't lean on McFadden alone, when New England puts all their attention on the running backs some one has to step up in the passing game. In the past 2 weeks that person has been Denarius Moore. If he can convert some 3rd & Long's he'll greatly increase Oakland's chances.


#1. Controlling McFadden Oakland Raider Running Backs are combining for an average of 185 rushing yards per game. On the other side The Patriots defense is allowing 91.6 rushing yards per game, not to shabby, but they aren't really shutting down running backs. Opposing teams are averaging 10 receptions a game from the running backs alone. Darren McFadden will stack up the numbers this weekend against the Patriots, but if New England can contain him in the running game they'll be able to keep Oakland honest with play action. Hell, Darren can have 20 receptions, but if they stop him from running up the middle it'll be okay.

#2. Get Pressure On Campbell- Andre Carter, and Shaun Ellis will have their hands full. They have to not only contain McFadden, but once Tom Brady posts some points, they'll then have to lower their ears and apply that pressure. If you get Oakland into 3rd and long situations they'll shoot themselves. Jason Campbell is not capable of making the plays Ryan Fitzpatrick did a week ago.

#3. Tom Brady- If Tom Brady is Tom Brady... New England's offense will be fine.


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