Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Diego Tops Short List Of Destinations For John Lackey.

The San Diego Padres are reportedly interested in acquiring John Lacky, aka The Worst Red Sox Starter Of All Time. Why would they want to do that? Here's a few reasons:

With all the negative media in Boston surrounding Lackey, it's not hard to tell that he's on his way out. Add that to his horrible contract, San Diego's trouble holding on to top notch players, and Boston's bottomless wallet... you essentially get a former All-Star pitcher locked up for a couple year at Boston's expense. It really does make alot of sense for San Diego.

Another reason for this hookup? The Padres' Manager, Bud Black, used to be Lackey's pitching coach with the Angels. Black was alongside while John had his most productive seasons. Embarrassed and reunited with old friends, Lackey has his best chance at turning things around.

Petco park is also one of the largest parks in all of Major League Baseball. It give new meaning to the term "Pitcher's Ballpark". It makes it even easier to pitch in once you eliminate the designated hitter and cold weather... boy does pitching in the NL West sound fun.

According to Peter Abraham The Red Sox would have to pick up most of the remaining $45.75 million on his contract. Lackey’s deal also calls for a $500,000 payment if he is traded.

(plus Lackey could also wear those great camo uniforms. I guarantee

he loves those)

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