Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red Sox Interested In Grady Sizemore.

The Indians declined their $9 million option on the 29-year-old Sizemore yesterday, and still have a couple of days to negotiate exclusively with Grady before can accept offers from other teams.

It is widely rumored that The Boston Red Sox will be one of those teams. With JD Drew likely to retire, or at least go elsewhere, they will be in the market for a new right fielder. With Grady's recent injury history it's safe to say that he is willing to move from center field to a less strenuous job on one of the corners.

In 2008 Grady Sizemore was widely considered as the best center fielder in Major League Baseball, it was to the point where Ellsbury was considered a "poor man's Sizemore". Ironically Jacoby was also considered a soft, injury prone, lesser version of Carl Crawford in 2010. If Ellsbury can have such a historic turnaround inspired by doubters... why can't Grady? This could be one of those low cost, high reward signings that everybody loves around here.

With Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish expected to compete for the right field spot, a signing of Sizemore would provide incredible outfield depth. Worst case scenario is that Grady just gets hurt again and hardly contribute... best case scenario is that he plays like Grady Sizemore.

I expect a good season out of Carl Crawford next season. He was a leader-type player alienated by a horrible locker room. After taking slack from the owner, having a lackluster performance, and being part of the most disgusting September collapse of all-time... Carl Crawford is too hard of a worker to repeat that .255, 18 steal season.

If the stars can align with Sizemore, Crawford, and Ellsbury it could easily be the Billion Dollar Outfield. I dare a baseball to drop in that outfield.

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