Monday, November 14, 2011

Yankees Reportedly Not Interested In Ortiz.

Recently at a charity event, Yankee GM Brian Cashman said the following
“Our biggest priority now is pitching,” he reiterated. “We’ll see how the rest of the winter goes, how our conversations shake out with other clubs, trade stuff, but as of right now, our focus is on pitching.”
Those comments have lead many to beleive that The Yankees are not in the market for David Ortiz.

Yesterday Cherrington chimed in on how David Ortiz's status effects the Red Sox outlook on their vacancy in right field...
“There are some interesting guys out there who could factor in to our right field mix,” Cherington said. “A lot of that depends on David. If David’s here, we’re going to go in a certain direction with the outfield. If he’s not here, it sort of opens it up a little bit. There are alternatives, both in free agency and in a trade market for guys that can play right field.”

I beleive that the Boston Red Sox currently have the best 1-2-3 in baseball with Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez. That lineup doesn't work quite as well if there isn't a powerful bat behind Gonzo for protection. Over the past few years Kevin Youkilis' has become a bit of an injury concern, along with the fact that he's not quite the third baseman everyone thought he would be. Simply put the Boston Red Sox need David Ortiz back and not as a Jason Varitek type backup roll... as a serious contender to this lineup.

Here's Adrian and David's thoughts on playing with each other.

Adrian Gonzalez
i can tell you that i tried DH'ing in Texas. They tried making me the DH. It's not easy, you can't just put anybody in there. What he does for this team is incredible, I'd like to have him around for a while.

Ortiz on Adrian's effect on his approach:
"I've been getting 200% better results than i used to. It's because he always looks for the place where a pitcher likes to go. As a hitter you always want to analyze the place where YOU can hit the ball. He analyzes where the PITCHER likes to go, and if you ready for that you're going to get what you're looking for."

Ben Cherrington needs to sign Ortiz to a 2 Year deal for a substantial amount. Boston needs a happy productive Big Papi in order for the offense to repeat and improve the success of last season.

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